Code in a Box - Spelling - 300+ Spelling Choices, English Speech Sounds ! Sound Pictographs

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Sound Pictographs are characters (Speech Sound Monsters) that are a fun alternative to phonetic symbols - so they represent the sound, and are not linked with a letter. Letters do not represent sounds until in a word. Children can work out ANY words when the Sound Pictographs are used.

See video - the words come, love, island, crumb etc are all shown Code Mapped and with the SoundPictographs. Over 400 are shown with these SoundPictographs in the Speedy Sight Words handbook (400+ high frequency words)

Option 1
Order as a Spelling Code in a Box with over 400 spelling cards. The basic Spelling Code in a Box is AU$85 plus P&P and GST (we ship worldwide, usually at local rates) There is a card for every spelling choice, and a set of dividers for each phoneme, in case you don't order with the Monster Bank, and want to keep them organised in the box. The dividers show the Spelling Clouds; there is a car for every spelling choice shown in the cloud !

Option 2
Why not order with a Speech Sound Monster Bank and 2 Packs of Monster Cards.
You can keep the Spelling cards organised in the Monster Bank!
Both Spelling Code in a Box PLUS Speech Sound Monster Bank & 2 Packs Monster cards AU$165 plus P&P and Shipping (we ship worldwide, usually at local rates)
By ordering with the Monster Bank you save AU$25 !
Monster Bank sold separately with 2 packs of Monster Cards - seen here - AU$105

Option 3 Order the Spelling Code in a Box, Speech Sound Monster Bank with 2 Packs of Monster Cards AND a spelling cloud keyring worth AU$22.50
This means students can carry the spelling choices around with them, on a lanyard for example !
All these for AU$175 saving AU$37.50 !

Option 4
Add in the popular 'Speedy Sight Words' Handbook - 400+ high frequency words, Code and Monster Mapped. Practice reading and spelling them using the Monster Bank and Sound Pic Cards !
The handbook is $65 when ordered on its own, so a great saving.