A5 Clouds - Pack of 3 x A5 Spelling Clouds (SOUND WALL) - Display All Spelling Choices

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Create a 'Sound Wall' rather than a 'Word Wall' and help children become orthographic mappers !! Let students SEE the spelling choices for the 44 or so English Speech Sounds.

These do not have the SSP colour to show 'Code level' so can be ordered according to your explicit grapheme teaching order, if not using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. There are 46 A5 cards, including a Schwa cloud.

They show the high frequency grapheme choices for spelling on the outside, and the others on the inside, with word examples.

As so many children are also learning English as a Second Language the 'phoneme monsters' are shown, which all align with a phonetic symbol.
The IPA is a universally recognised way to show the phonemes, which is vital as people can say words using a wide variety of accents.

Clouds - NEW- Spelling Clouds (SOUND WALL) - Generic- Use with any phonics program

Watch in use within the Speedy Six Spelling Program https://www.speechsoundpics.com/speedy-six-spelling-activities